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Y.U.M started as a venture to create a profitable brand until our portfolio reached 100 million plus and growing, across all mediums. As all great businesses do, we evolved to help others develop their brand and grow their reach to over a million plus on all social media platforms. After years of helping brands grow. We finally ended up at a turning point. We realized it wasn’t JUST about making a brand and getting followers. It was about making a movement, a collective, and a community. So, we set out on our current mission, which is to help those who don't have the opportunities or resources to be able to voice their beliefs. In our numerous ventures, we realized that everyone has a story. It's time we give people the opportunity to be heard.

Everyone has a story,
we think its time to hear them.

Young Underrated Masses is a movement.
Our goal… to simply give people the means to have a voice online.


What You Can Expect with Y.U.M?

These are the most common results you’ll get if you’re accepted in one of our brand growth accelerator programs

Latest Wins From Some Of Our Best Clients

In just under a month our client in the sports niche gained 40000 followers from a channel with no bright future in sight

Our client gained 16 million views in just under a month following our strategies and personalized consultation

From 0 to 14 million views in just under a month for one of our clients who posted 3 times a week a prime example of doing the right things lead to the right results.

18 million video views and 12 million unique reach in just under a month from a client who was ready to give up! Anyone can get these results with the right framework and commitment.

Our client went from 200 to 230 thousand views in a matter of 2 days from just working with us and actually implementing changes into their content strategy

Over 200 thousand views in just one day on a video we helped create and optimize for one of our clients

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